In today’s world, it is too risky using and securing cash. Many societies, especially emerging markets, are becoming mass adopters of mobile money services and are trading in their cash for the convenience, flexibility & security of virtual currency. ​

Banks, insurance companies, and other institutions pay high costs to store, transport and process cash. Landlords, utility companies and numerous other vendors around the world are rapidly phasing out cash as an acceptable payment method.

Access to the Internet via smartphones allows un-banked individuals to leverage financial products and services that serve their ability to pay bills online rather than using cash.  

​Un-banked people are defined as people who do not use banks or banking institutions in any capacity. They generally pay for things in cash or else purchase money orders. 

Un-banked persons also typically do not have insurance, pensions or any other type of professional money-related services. They live & operate in an informal economy.      

Why Transition from Cash to Digital?

​Many un-banked and other under-served individuals do not have formal checking, savings, or credit accounts. Even more have no access to formal insurance. This is an enormous problem because this enormous population needs financial services as much as wealthier families—actually more so, for two reasons.

First, their income streams and bigger outlays tend to be irregular and unpredictable, and their income and expenses do not sync up as neatly as wealthier peoples’ monthly pay checks and mortgage payments. 

Secondly, these individual people have less of a cushion to absorb economic shocks to begin with.

They tolerate negative returns on deposits to have their short-term cash guarded by doorstep collectors; they go to the moneylender for credit and the pawnbroker for liquidity; they send money through informal networks and they enter costly social obligations, hoping that in their time of need, some form of “mutual insurance” will pay off.

This huge target market uses cash as a payment method for personal bills and purchases and resort to non-bank financial institutions such as check cashing services, fast cash loans, money transfers and others that charge extremely high interest rates and fees. 

In the U.S. over 40 billion dollars are wasted every year through the hands of predatory payday lenders, consequently affecting the lives and security of millions of American families. Worldwide, trillions of dollars are wasted in the same manner. 

A lifetime of struggling to provide food and shelter or the inability to pay bills each month, fosters the kind of single-minded drive that it takes to participate in NuPersona initiatives. 

Rather than operating in the irregular risky informal economy the world’s un-banked

are the key to their own emergence into the formal digital economy. 

Millions of un-banked and other under-served individuals are looking for a tool that will create enough incentive for them to transition from "Cash to Digital" as a means for conducting financial transactions.  

NuPersona provides that incentive by providing a mobile tool that will convert their pay check to digital, allowing them to use those funds to pay bills with their smartphone, transfer money or make purchases anywhere debit or credit cards are accepted. Then they can begin to build their future on more stabilized ground and catch up with the digital world. 







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Cash to Digital

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